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Gap Year After High School…

And it’s AMAZING Benefits!

What are you planning on doing after High School? Are you aware of the option of taking a gap year after high school?

Chances are that you don’t know or you’re very unsure of the decision that you’re about to make. The reason why I assume that is for two reasons:


1) You’re here reading this right now

2) I’ve been where you are and I will tell you honestly, I had no idea what I wanted to do after high school. I was just happy to be DONE!


That feeling of accomplishment moves on fast though. The time soon comes where you feel like you need to be doing something, and junior college was the path that I chose directly after high school.

Junior college is a good alternative to attending a University, but it’s not the only option. Here are some options that you have available to you including the explanation of a gap year after high school:


1) Commit to a 4 year University

2) Attend a junior college

3) Move directly into your career

4) Take advantage of a gap year after high school


These 4 options all have something to do with figuring out your future. You should never just sit back and expect good things to come to you. Life simply doesn’t work that way.

What is the definition of a gap year after high school?

A gap year is simply taking some time off to figure out your path in life. It could mean traveling to another country, reading some good books, uncovering your true purpose in life, or any other type of self development activities.

Looking back at my decision, I would have done things a little bit differently. I would have chosen to take a gap year after high school to figure out what I wanted to do with my life. Instead, my gap year came when I went to transfer from junior college to a University. If you choose to, I encourage you to take yours sooner!

So remember, if you’re stressing out about making a decision to go to college or not, there is another option that will buy you more time to figure this out. If it feels right to you, take your gap year directly after high school and feel good about the decision that you made. This time will benefit you more than anything else if you choose to focus on your personal development.


Yours in Success,


  1. Sometimes, it is not really necessary for you to go to college immediately once you graduate in high school. At that age, making hasty decisions is not a good idea. Like you, it would be better if high school graduates will take a gap year. This will greatly help them to figure out the right path that they should go into when they get to college.
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